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  • There is fortissimo implemented in the Non vibrato patches, Tirando patches at velocities 126-127. Please use these with care. Actually they serve more as almost an effect than as a regular way of playing. Similar as in brass or woodwind libraries. Flamenco players use this sound as their default quite often however.

  • Alwauys be creative with your choice of patches. It is recommended in many situations to use at least two or three different patches, they have all different note heads and tone colors with a certain range. If something doesn't work out with a patch, try to use another one and/or play with the velocity settings.

  • If you want a mellow, intimate sound, avoid higher velocity layers. Try to keep things in the right contect.

  • Always avoid the pedal effect (CC64) in your mockup's of arpeggio's. The effect wil be very artificial, if not just awful. So in many circumstances you'll have to adapt durations in an intelligent way (manually).

  • Also be very creative with the proper duration of guitar notes, Seldom there is a 100% legato line, as in many orchestral instruments. For normal legato playing on one string with nails you might consider a MIDI note length of 85-90% for a realistic result. With the flesh attack the duration will undoubtly will be shorter. Please read also the Tips page about this subject.

  • Customize your expression maps according to your taste or what you simply need in your track to limit the screen size of this lane. In the download section there are different versions already available for you.

  • CC settings are automatable and can be recorded or written in your DAW or natation program.

  • Take care with the reverb of the plugin, it is used moreover as a first aid component. Use the best plugins you have for a possible better sound and placement instead.

Website updates

Added walkthroughs about how to use Evocación in Sibelius and Dorico 4.

Product updates

At the moment is Evocación 4.2.1 released.

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