After sales


You are entitled to enjoy every possible update of this "Evocación"

Refund policy

Sorry, no. What is purchased by you and offered by Musesamples is what it is.

There are enough MP3 demo's and several walkthroughs provided to find out if things are appealing enough for you to decide to purchase AG4.

General questions

Is there is manual somewhere?

"Evocación" has a fantastic a manual , it is part of your purchase, under documentation.

The knobs in the GUI, how do I use them?

There is an extensive walkthrough about the knobs and the GUI in general. Also the manual is of course explanatory.

Are any VST (mastering) plugins needed?

Of course you should use your favorite plugins for EQ-ing, a proper reverb one, plus possibly a spacialization plugin (MIR, Spat, VSS etc.) to get the result according to your taste.

How many instances do I need for 1 guitar?

Support ticket

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