Upgrading procedure for users of Authentic Guitar 2 or 3.

Please use the form herebelow if you think you are entitled to an upgrade version. Report all relevant data as much as possible: name used, mail address used, date of former purchase, product version etc..

You won't have to attach everything if you have received lately a mail as user before from us about the release of Evocación.

You will have the latest Evocación at a special price when approved. Login data will be provided in that case, so you can purchase your product.

request for upgrade

Intro pricing until December 31 2022

Intro pricing will be € 99, ends December 31 2022 (€ 119 starting from 1st of January 2023).

Upgrade from earlier versions, AG2 and AG3, during intro sales only € 89, also ends December 31 2022 (€109 starting from 1st of January 2023).

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