• Kontakt 5.8.1. or higher, the full Sampler version. The free Player version won't work.

  • A DAW (Cubase, Studio One, Logic etc.) or notation program (Dorico, Sibelius etc.).

  • An internet connection for your purchase and download.

  • 4.5 Gb of free space on your HD.

What do you get when purchasing "Evocación"?

  • All usual files needed for the Evocación 4.2. Kontakt instrument: (nkm, nki, nkc, nkr, samples) and a basic nki with all FX samples included per key.
    Uncompressed file size: 4,27 Gb.
    Compressed file size: 1,6 Gb.

  • Expression maps for Cubase & Studio One 5.


Evocación is packed as zip file. Just unpack this file to any convenient place on your HD. Load the Evocacion 4.2-nkm (multi) in your instance of the full Kontakt sampler.

Update policy

When purchasing "Evocación" you will be entitled for free updates of this 4.2 product without any restriction. We'll keep you informed when available.

Expression maps notice

Evocación offers Expression maps for Cubase , as well as a Sound Variation Map for Studio One 5.


Website updates

Added walkthroughs about how to use Evocación in Sibelius and Dorico 4.

Product updates

At the moment is Evocación 4.2.1 released.

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