Panormo sound

The Panormo family were leading instrument makers for three generations from 1734 to 1890, and were famous for their guitars between 1820 and 1860. The family originally came from Italy and, after living in Paris for a time, finally settled in London.

The most noted guitar makers in the Panormo family were Louis (1784 to 1862), and his nephew, George Lewis (1815 to 1877). The Panormo guitar is made in the 'Spanish Style' but is much more refined than the Spanish guitars of the time. The construction of the front is notable for its use of fan strutting, helping to give the sound a rich rounded tone. This stylish guitar is closer to the modern classical guitar than any other models from this period. Famous virtuosi players who used their guitars include Huerta and Sczepanowski.

The music of Sor, Giuliani, Carulli and many others from that period sounds wonderful on this instrument.

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