Musesamples is proud to present its new flagship: Evocación. A new classical Authentic Guitarlibrary completely built from the ground up. All patches have been sampled chromatically. Main patches contain up to 5 velocities, and most of them have a (Random) Round Robin (x3). Evocación comes as Kontakt Multi Instrument (5.8.1 or higher).

With an abundance of classical guitar techniques, it will be possible to translate your musical imagination into a music track in whatever musical style suited for the nylon string guitar: classical, jazz, bossa nova, flamenco, singer songwriting and let's not forget the wide range of needs for scoring. Evocación offers many tone coloring possibilities to make your mock-up more lively and believable.
Let's not forget to mention the special Performance patch, which allows for quick drafting while composing.

Espressivo note connection & Slurs

One of the most important and unprecedented features of Evocación is the special patch for Espressivo Note Connection. With this patch you can even switch between different articulations during the 'connection' of notes, like Non Vibrato to Molto Espressivo. Recorded from minor second to an octave both upwards and downwards. This is just one of the three ways to connect your notes in Evocación!

Have we mentioned already the possibility of customizing speed, hold time and volume of the Espressivo Note Connection?

Next the Slurs articulation: you'll have this basic technique with recorded hammer‐on and pulling‐off as a dedicated addition to your palette. Patch names are always displayed in the GUI on the main page, plus the range for each patch is indicated on the keyboard. We couldn't make it more user-friendly for you!

Sympathetic Resonance feature

Talking about unprecendented features of a virtual classical guitar: Evocación comes with Sympathetic String Resonance. This real guitar phenomenon takes care of a natural rich sound: natural overtones on lower strings start ringing when a corresponding note on higher strings is played.
Listen at the Prelude from 'La Catedral' (composed by Agustin Barrios) to find out out how the general sound is uplifted with this feature. It makes your mockups authentically coming to life.

  • Tone colors & articulations

    Evocación offers many patches: tone colors are a substantial part of a classical guitar in real life and consequently with this virtual version.

    The most important ones are the three different positions on the neck of the guitar. Playing with or without the use of nails, with or without vibrato, espressivo, strumming, vertical vibrato, slides, rasgueado, pizzicato and even more!

    It is all at your disposal thanks to the high amount of velocity layers combined with Round Robin. You will always enjoy the result of your mock-up with Evocación.

  • Liveliness of your tracks

    The possibilities of Sound Manipulation (see the Sound tab in the interface) give you some nice tools under the hood of Evocación to make it even more lively.

    Furthermore, a few basic 'guitar artifacts' like squeaks and right hand damping sounds have been implemented in "Evocación".

    Don't forget the implemented Sympathetic String Resonance. This real guitar feature facilitates a richer, more natural sound.

  • Sample player

    Evocación will be offered as a Kontakt instrument. Available only for the FULL Kontakt (5.8.1. and above), not the free Kontakt Player.

    All relevant info about patches, CC values is displayed in the Info tabs in the GUI of Evocación.

    A manual describing all functions and controllers is also available. Patch choices are based on keyswitching or in combination with a CC1 value.

    Evocación is recorded dry, thus it will sit easily in any mix.

  • Short note durations

    Translating your artistic goals into a virtual version should be free of any hassle when it comes down to the 'shorts' that are often not the desired length.

    The precise duration of notes is 100% under your control: no precooked shorts in here, like in the best piano libraries.

  • Espressive note connection & slurs

    In Evocación it is possible to connect two notes in an unprecedented and expressive manner in three different ways. Read more about this here.

    Read more about this here.

  • Customized chord construction

    Evocación offers the 1 string strum patch.

    With this patch you are capable of making any possible chord on your guitar. Tempo of the attack, timing and fine-tuning for up and down strokes is at your disposal.

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Website updates

Added a walkthrough about how to use Evocación in Dorico 5.

€ 99 - upgrade € 89

Product updates

Latest version Evocación 4.2.1

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