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Comparison 1 - 2

  Authentic Guitar 1 Authentic Guitar 2
Plugin type VST (only Win) & Kontakt library VST & AU & VST for Mac
Velocity layering no yes (for main patches), up to four levels for some patches
Round Robin no yes (for almost all relevant patches) & user defined Round Robin procedure
Midi channels needed Up to 10 (VST version) 1 *
Loading time fast equally fast
Patch change channel change - CC1 (Kontakt version via Program change) user defined: CC1 (Modwheel), Keyswitch (not in Strokes and rasgueados) or Program change (except for RH contact sound: CC2 and string noise CC3)
Strokes generally only down all up & down (octave setting)
Reverb no verb basic verb built in

* more channels recommended for a very elaborated version however (up to 3)